Types of Residential Landscaping: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn about different types of residential landscaping styles such as grassland, tropical, desert styles & more! Get tips on how to create your own unique landscape.

Types of Residential Landscaping: A Comprehensive Guide

You don't have to travel to a far-off island to experience the tropical vibes. There are several common landscape styles that are primarily used for residential properties, such as grassland, tropical, and desert styles. A modern and formal desert design typically features rectangular spaces, straight concrete paths, rigid rows of succulents and desert shrubs, corten steel details, and spectacular lighting. On the other hand, a traditional and informal tropical design is characterized by loose arrangements of ferns, perennials, and trees, slightly arched borders, natural stone walkways set on deep green pastures, and details of white rocks.

Contemporary landscaping is a reinvention of various styles, from traditional to desert. In most contemporary garden designs, you will find clean lines and neutral tones. Tropical Planting Style in Surfside, Florida Backyard Design Backyard Design Cobblestone Patio with Fire Pit, Sitting Area, and Tropical Plantings in Plantation, FL Backyard Design. Steep tropical side yard design with plunge pool The tropical plantation is dense and layered with intermixed species.

Many tropical species enjoy some shade as they have adapted to life under tree canopies. Additionally, many require a large amount of water as they have evolved in humid climates. When designing tropical gardens in dry climates, be careful to select species with lower water demands. Drought-tolerant palm trees (there are several), pineapple, guava and red-hot poker, along with the above-mentioned Birds of Paradise and bougainvillea can withstand periods of drought.

Xeriscape front yard design with living area and permeable landscaping Xeriscape patio in neutral tones with fire pit and gravel walkway Botanical planting in the front yard small with paleo verde tree with xeriscape style xeriscape style planting in Austin, Texas Front yard design in Austin, Texas Front yard design with desert landscape including cactus and drought-tolerant trees Desert side yard design that reproduces the natural landscape palette Like xerogardening, desert-style landscaping is based on permeable gravel groundcovers such as gravel and decomposed granite. It also adds the beauty and intrigue of resistant and drought-tolerant plants adapted to survive in hot and dry climates. Consider adding rocks to round out the space. It's good to note that cacti, agave, and succulents grow well in many regions outside the arid Southwest.

Check out this article on Sunset for beautiful gardening ideas with cactus in the PNW. Many desert plants are serious about keeping themselves as decorative plants. Succulents such as Agave attenuata, Echeveria elegans or Aloe 'Blue Flame', together with desert favorites like red yucca, New Mexico privet and the Palo Verde Desert Museum call for them to be used as details in plantation designs. Avoid placing too many of these daring species close to each other; give each one its own space to shine.

Plants in desert designs have more space between them. Place decorative boulders (pin them down approximately 2 feet long) or limited xeric groundcover mats (Sedum species are excellent) in the spaces between planting times. By default it uses bronzed gravel as mulch colored to match the areas of decomposed tan granite that are standard in desert designs. Whether structured or naturalistic maintain a loose rhythm of planting open space and planting when composing desert designs. Better too open than too stuffed.

Southwest style outdoor living space with a fence made by Dolphin Fence Corp adds regional curb appeal. As you may have guessed the landscapes of the Southwest are reminiscent of the colors textures and shapes of the Southwest of the United States A mix of warm white built-in buildings gabion walls and wood is mixed with cactus and pea gravel which creaks underfoot and transports you to the sun and heat of one of the most beautiful regions in our country. Coastal outdoor dining area with landscape design for transitional patio Coastal side patio with outdoor dining area and gravel and slab path Coastal patios have a relaxed and breezy atmosphere A mix of gravel hard pavements and undulating plants such as ornamental grasses gives the feeling of windswept seascapes Add rustic wood elements such as fences steps and borders to remind you of driftwood combine furniture worthy of a living room and salty decor to complete the look. West Coast style landscape with fire pit and informal seating Outdoor living room design with neutral palette in west coast style Whimsical family-friendly landscape with space to play Cabin-style garden with play area for the whole family Tropical transition patio design that combines traditional and contemporary styles Transitional gives a name to customers who want to borrow elements from different genres of landscaping and helps create a commitment between partners with very different landscaping ideas. Having a tropical landscape as a complement to your home is also a good option if you want your property to stand out even more For homeowners looking to create a relaxing space in their own backyard it's hard to beat the landscape of Japanese gardens Contemplating the development of a residential design can be overwhelming especially if the property to be landscaped is large.

  Residential landscaping

can be defined as the art and practice of improving the appearance and aesthetic appeal of the area surrounding a home.

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